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Qualifiers – November 2023

5 Nov 2023 Update Comments OFF

Rick Kohel – 150k
Nick Alexander – 135k
Donnie Smith – 135k
Larry Smith – 125k
Charles Caine – 125k
Arvind Sharma – 110k
Jay Akins – 110k
Ali Alaeddini – 100k
Hari Rao – 100k
David Feldman – 100k
Kirk Horner – 95k
Dino Barylski – 95k
Gabriel Meacham – 95k
Mori Mehrtaztt – 90k
Monika Meacham – 90k
Sameer Naran – 85k
Steve Safa – 85k
Robert Smith – 85k
Scott Massie – 80k
Shay Holihan – 80k
Brandon Stephens – 75k
James Caine – 75k
Bob Sugden – 75k
Loreen Etheridge – 75k
Ed Thomas – 75k
Yolanda Wiggins – 70k
Sandy Miller – 70k
Nancy Sherman – 70k
Jeff Schuelke – 70k
Robert Meacham – 70k
Rose Barczak – 60k
Jesse Gearhart – 60k
RJ Dunkle – 60k
Neris Kager – 60k
Bill Tait – 60k
Jon Quinn – 55k
Alan Kaplan – 55k
Carl Sherman – 55k
Shannendoah Gallagher – 55k
Chris Merhoff – 55k
Deanna Smith – 50k
Sam Harris – 50k
Zac Smith – 50k
Kyle Boyett – 50k
Candi Booth – 50k
Greg Crabb – 45k
Sedrick Bolton – 45k
Michael Wall – 45k
Lucille Belliotti – 45k
Stephanie Z. – 45k
Bill Plank – 40k
Fit Mangasha – 40k
Jay Miller – 40k
Shane Funk – 40k
Eric Way – 40k
Hannah Smith – 40k
Spencer Kager – 40k
Eric Sansone – 40k
Sandra O’Bryan – 40k
Michael Sternberg – 40k
Jim Lloyds – 40k

Qualifiers – July ’23

21 Jul 2023 Update Comments OFF

Alan Kaplan70
Ali Alaeddini150
Arvind Sharma100
Bill Plank45
Bill Tait75
Bob Sugden75
Brandon Stephens75
Candi Booth60
Carl Sherman60
Charles Caine125
Chris Merhoff70
Chris Rice60
Cindy Perron40
Cliff Aycock45
David Caldwell40
David Feldman110
Deanna Smith70
Dino Barylski95
Donnie Smith85
Eric Sansone45
Eric Way40
Gabriel Meacham100
Greg Crabb50
Hannah Smith75
Hari Rao100
James Caine75
Jay Akins125
Jay Miller85
Jeff Schuelke55
Jesse Gearhart85
Jon Quinn40
Joseph Rabianski80
Kirk Horner70
Kyle Boyett55
Larry Smith95
Loreen Etheridge45
Michael Sternberg40
Michael Wall55
Mike Wilds40
Monika Meacham135
Nancy Sherman60
Neris Kager40
Nick Alexander135
Rick Kohel95
RJ Dunkle55
Robert Meacham50
Robert Smith80
Sam Harris55
Sameer Naran90
Sandy Miller50
Scott Massie60
Sean Corry50
Sedrick Bolton45
Shay Holihan70
Spencer Kager40
Steve Safa110
Todd Dunn40
Tyler Rice40
Varun Babbar50

Qualifiers List for 4/25

23 Apr 2023 Update Comments OFF

Hello all! Congratulations to all of the following people who qualified for the season final tournament this Tuesday! The tournament will be held at Mazzy’s Milton, at 7pm!
(Name / Starting Stack)
Arvind Sharma – 150
Monika Meacham – 135
Hari Rao – 135
Steve Safa – 125
Gabriel Meacham – 125
Nick Alexander – 110
Jay Akins – 110
Mori Mehrtaztt – 100
Charles Caine – 100
Dino Barylski – 100
Deanna Smith – 95
Rick Kohel – 95
Jesse Gearhart – 95
Larry Smith – 90
Candi Booth – 90
Scott Massie – 85
Yolanda Wiggins – 85
James Caine – 85
Ali Alaeddini – 80
Shannendoah Gallagher – 80
Cindy Perron – 75
Donnie Smith – 75
Chris Rice – 75
Jaswanth – 75
Brandon Stephens – 75
Michael Sternberg – 70
Dre Montgomery – 70
Ed Thomas – 70
Cliff Aycock – 70
Mike Wilds – 70
Sandra O’Bryan – 60
Bill Plank – 60
Robert Smith – 60
Bill Tait – 60
Kirk Horner – 60
David Brooks – 55
Rose Barczak – 55
Alvin Newkirk – 55
Todd Dunn – 55
Lucille Belliottia – 55
Shane Funk – 50
Varun Babbar – 50
Bob Sugden – 50
Jay Miller – 50
Aaron Frohlich – 50
Joseph Rabianski – 45
Nima Mikail – 45
Michael Wall – 45
RJ Dunille – 45
Eric Wong – 45
Eric Sansone – 40
Chris Merhoff – 40
Salim Shakhbazov – 40
Spencer Kager – 40
Tonya Garrett – 40
Greg Crabb – 40
Sedrick Bolton – 40
David Feldman – 40
Mahmoud – 40
Joe Kager – 40
Neil Patel


29 Jun 2022 Update Comments OFF

Howdy, poker gods and goddesses! Hoping this week finds you kicking proverbial butt & taking names. Posh is back at it again with our regularly scheduled tourneys moving into the holiday weekend!

This week, at every game we will have bounty chips for every single knockout that will add 25K to your stack before break, and 50K thereafter and up until the final table. This just adds a layer of excitement and also a larger mound of chips by the tourny end!

Tonight – Tony’s Sports Grill – 8pm – Bounty Hunters!
Thursday – Mazzy’s Norcross – 8pm – Bounty Hunters!
Saturday – Mazzy’s Roswell – 8pm – Bounty Hunters!
Sunday – Mazzy’s Milton – 6pm – Bounty Hunters!

I am about 75% caught up for the current poker season, and so far it looks like some familiar names are near the top of the points totals! Apologies for the tardiness, but trying like crazy to finish up the tally ASAP as we move toward our next Final Tourney, TBD.

Everyone have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend with friends & family!

All the best

Jeff & Jesse

Long Awaited – 2021 Season Final

16 Dec 2021 Update Comments OFF

We have just concluded our Posh Poker Fall 2021 Season, and I want to congratulate Dino Barylski for finishing at the top of the top!  For this, he will begin play at our final tournament with top stack, and an odds-on favorite to cash that night.  Starting chipstacks for the 55 qualifiers are listed below.  The Final Tourney, once again will be played on next Tuesday, Dec. 21 at 7pm Mazzy’s Norcross.  Here we will hand out over $777 in prize money to the top 5 finishers!  Good luck, qualifiers!

AC Chawla (55) Bhargav Vempat (50) Bill Plank (80)
Bill Tait (90) Bob Sugden (45) Carl Holzmann (50)
Charles Caine (125) Charlie Byrd (70) Chris DelGuercio (55)
Chris Merhoff (70) Danny Bayless (135) David Brooks (75)
David Caldwell (40 Deanna Smith (75) Dino Barylski (150)
Don Argo (40) Donnie Smith (90) Eric Sansone (40)
Fatih Kaya (50) Gabriel Meaham (100) Greg Crabb (85)
Hannah Smith (75) Hari Rao (95) James Caine (45)
Jay Akins (125) Jeff Schuelke (100) Jereme H (45)
Jesse Gearhart (110) Jimmy Martin (100) John Williams (50)
Jon Martin (95) Karl Ellis (60) Kirk Horner (75)
Larry Smith (95) Leigh Ann (45) Loreen Etheridge (60)
Lucille Belliotti (60) Manny Nagra (50) Monika Meacham (135)
Paul Tully (55) Quin Booker (40) Ray Gilbert (45)
Robert Meacham (70) Robert Smith (70) Rose Barczak (55)
Rose Harrison (55) Salim Shakhbazov (110) Sam Harris (40)
Sameer Naran (70) Sandra O’Bryan (40) Scott Massie (85)
Shannendoah Gallagher (85) Stephen Choi (60) Thomas Dunlap (60)
Tonya Garrett (80) Varun Babbar (75)

Announcing Posh Poker online play!

18 Mar 2020 Update Comments OFF

Dear Posh Poker Players,


During this time of Social Distancing, and our inability for our poker family to get together for our regular games, we would like to offer you a way to continue to play poker and connect with our poker friends.  Starting immediately we will be hosting online poker games using PokerStars until we can return to live play. These games will be held at the same time as our regular poker games.

For participating in online posh games we will award players an extra chip up at a live game the first week we are back, as well as awarding 50 points for a first place finish, and 25 points for a second place finish.  These points will be applied to the new season that starts when we return. (These will not apply to the current season points which are already set).


Note that home games are only supported on desktop (PC/MAC) and not yet supported on mobile devices (Though this is coming in the near future).

The PokerStars software can be downloaded at:


Every four hours you are able to receive 15,000 in free play chips.  You will also be awarded a bonus the first time you sign in. While you can purchase additional free chips, it should not be necessary if you log in and claim your free chips on a regular basis. “Buy in” to these free tournaments is 20,000 free play chips (the minimum possible).


To join the Posh online club click the “Home Games” button on the lower right and the join using the following details:

  • Join club: 3220771
  • Invitation code: seatopen
  • Jesse will approve requests as they come in (and when he’s in front of a computer).
  • A list of available games will be shown to you in the club lobby.  Join the game for the current night, and enjoy!


  • 20,000 free play chips are required to enter a tournament (See note on obtaining free more free chips above)
  • You may pre-register anytime before the start time, and late registrations are accepted until 10 minutes after the start time.
  • Unregistering is possible up until 2 minutes before the start (in order to retrieve your free pay chips if you are unable to attend)
  • Games will be run on normal Posh nights at the time as the live games are scheduled (Wednesday at 8:00pm for example). Structure is as follows:
  • 5000 Starting stack chips
  • 10 minute blinds
  • 15/30 starting blind levels (These will use standard PokerStars blind structures and will introduce an ante at later levels)
  • 5 minute break at 5 minutes before the hour.
  • The Free play chips will also be awarded as per PokerStars structure, but we will apply points to the next season as already detailed.
  • In order to be awarded your points, you will need to turn on the ability to see your real name in the club.  Turn this on by going to the “options” in the club lobby, and checking “Show my real name in Club Member List”.

Happy New Year to all you poker elites! Ready to have another great year of great poker fun!

We are 5 days away from our Final Tournament for the Winter ’19 season, and the list of 60 qualifiers is as follows:

Ali Alaeddini – 85 Anne Brundridge – 100 Bhargav Vempaty – 40
Bill Tait – 95 Bob Sugden – 75 Bret Levy – 70
Candi Booth – 40 Carl Sherman – 110 Charles Caine – 150
Chris Merhoff – 55 Chris Zeigler – 40 Colin Cocksedge – 45
Danny Bayless – 40 David Brooks – 90 David Odom – 60
Dino Barylski – 70 Don Argo – 75 Don Simon – 45
Donnie Smith – 85 Doug Beam – 55 Gabriel Meaham – 45
Greg Crabb – 40 Hari Rao – 70 Heath Derrick – 90
Jay Akins – 45 Jay Miller – 85 Jeff Schuelke – 110
Jesse Gearhart – 55 Josh Ruiz – 80 JR Bassile – 40
Kathryn Cook – 95 Katie Wetherbee – 70 Mark Phillips – 45
Matheus Meirelles – 50 Michael Sternberg – 40 Michael Wall – 75
Mohan Yalamanchili – 50 Monika Meacham – 80 Nancy Sherman – 125
Oscar Gonzalez – 40 Quin Booker – 60 Rachel Furry – 135
Randall Wiley – 60 Rick Kohel – 135 Robert Meacham – 70
Robert Smith – 40 Rod Lizarraga – 50 Salim Shakhbazov – 95
Sameer Naran – 55 Sandy Miller – 75 Sanjith David – 75
Scott Massie – 55 Sam – 40 Shammi Mohammed – 100
Shane Funk – 50 Shaun Lance – 40 Steve Safa – 125
Tauheed Williams – 60 Thomas Dunlap – 100 Todd Simon – 60
Varun Babbar – 50

We will have printouts at the games this week for your perusal as well.

As a side note, it was a crazy finish of healthy competition that saw both Charles Caine and Rachel Furry going back and forth for most points, but in the end Charles came out slightly ahead.

Final Tournament will be next Tuesday at Mazzy’s Norcross, 7pm for those who qualified, with a cool $777 in prizes to the top 5 finishers. Please arrive earlier so that we can tally up everyone and set table counts, etc. in order to start as closely as possible to 7:00.

This week, we have three tournaments to start the new season, beginning tonight:

Tonight – Mazzy’s Norcross – 8pm
Saturday – Mazzy’s Roswell – 8pm
Sunday – Mazzy’s Milton – 6pm

As a final mention, a heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone for your continued support and friendship within our small poker group. You are the lifeblood that keeps us going into the future.

All the Best in 2020!


Posh Poker Weekly & Final Info

2 Jan 2019 Update Comments OFF

Posh Poker Pros! Here’s to starting our 2019 as one of the best ever!

This past Saturday concluded the 10-week season, and Charles Caine was able to make a late run and grab hold of the first ranked points spot going into our final tournament next week.

The top 60 qualifiers on the season will play for a prize pool of $777 next Tuesday, January 8th at Mazzy’s Norcross, signup at 6:30, and cards to fly about 7pm. We have the list of qualifiers below, with stack sizes coming shortly.

Tonight begins the fresh new 2019 season and everyone begins the points climb again! Regular schedule will commence as follows:

Tonight – Mazzy’s Roswell – 8pm
Thursday – Mazzy’s Norcross – 8pm
Saturday – Mazzy’s Roswell – 8pm
Monday – Harp Irish Pub – 7:30pm

All in for 2019!!


Qualifiers: Charles Caine, Shammi Mohammed, Hannah Smith, Jeff Schuelke, Greg Sloan, Dino Barylski, Kathryn Cook, Rick Kohel, Thomas Dunlap, Chris Merhoff, Jay Miller, Bob Richwine, Bill Tait, Carl Sherman, David Brooks, Hari Rao, Colin Cocksedge, Susan Frost, Bob Sugden, Steven McCaffrey, David Feldman, Monika Meacham, Nancy Sherman, Steve Safa, Bret Levy, Don Argo, Jay Akins, Greg Crabb, Doug Beam, Anne Brundridge, Shane Funk, John Boice, Bhargav Vempaty, Quin Booker, Adam Hagandora, Donnie Smith, Karl Ellis, Sameer Naran, Jesse Gearhart, Heath Derrick, Scott Massie, Wesley Wilburn, Bill Plank, Danny Bayless, Katie Wetherbee, Michael Wall, Carl Holzmann, Brian Heggoy, Sam Harris, Judy Richwine, Shannendoah Gallagher, Robert Smith, Jeremy Grove, Larry Smith, Venkat Chirumamilla, Alex Taylor, Tauheed Williams, Chris DelGuercio, Sanjith David, Josh Ruiz, Todd Simon

Final Tournament Qualifiers

23 Oct 2018 Update Comments OFF

Good luck to all who made it. We will see you this Saturday at Harp. Game starts at 8:00pm, but sign in is at 7:30. Jeff’s band goes on at 9!

Doug Beam 150 Rick Kohel 135 Jeff Schuelke 135
Bret Levy 125 Kathryn Cook 125 Colin Cocksedge 110
Katie Wetherbee 110 Bob Richwine 100 Hari Rao 100
Nick Alexander 100 Susan Frost 95 Bob Sugden 95
Judy Richwine 95 Dino Barylski 90 Srikanth Surya 90
Carl Holzmann 85 Charles Caine 85 Jesse Gearhart 85
Monika Meacham 89 Bhargav Vempaty 80 Hannah Smith 75
Wesley Wilburn 75 Jay Akins 75 Greg Sloan 75
Craig Cusick 75 Shannendoah Gallagher 70 Jaianandh Velrajan 70
Thomas Dunlap 70 Shane Funk 70 Jan Berg 70
Bill Tait 60 Adam Hagandora 60 Jeremy Grove 60
Shammi Mohammed 60 Scott Massie 60 Sameer Naran 55
Anne Brundridge 55 Jay Miller 55 Michael Wall 55
Christian Castillo 55 Chris Merhoff 50 Alex Taylor 50
Dharmil Shah 50 Mark Gale 50 Robert Smith 50
Steve Safa 45 Todd Simon 45 David Feldman 45
Matt Moore 45 Sandy Miller 45 Larry Smith 40
JR Bassile 40 Don Argo 40 Josh Ruiz 40
Michael Sternberg 40 Jack Arnett 40 Brian Heggoy 40
Steven McCaffrey 40 Nancy Sherman 40 John Boice 40
Donnie Smith 40


24 Mar 2018 Update Comments OFF

WANTED: Lost Posh Poker Chips – Last seen in Norcross, GA. $250 reward for their complete return of 2 sliver cases. These chips are worthless to most people, but they hold sentimental value to our players and myself. Please contact me through our website to arrange their return as soon as possible. Partial returns can be discussed for less reward.

Thank you

Jeff Schuelke
Posh Poker Group