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Posh Poker Weekly & Final Info

2 Jan 2019 Update Comments OFF

Posh Poker Pros! Here’s to starting our 2019 as one of the best ever! This past Saturday concluded the 10-week season, and Charles Caine was able to make a late run and grab hold of the first ranked points spot going into our final tournament next week. The top 60 qualifiers on the season will […]

Final Tournament Qualifiers

23 Oct 2018 Update Comments OFF

Good luck to all who made it. We will see you this Saturday at Harp. Game starts at 8:00pm, but sign in is at 7:30. Jeff’s band goes on at 9! Doug Beam 150 Rick Kohel 135 Jeff Schuelke 135 Bret Levy 125 Kathryn Cook 125 Colin Cocksedge 110 Katie Wetherbee 110 Bob Richwine 100 […]


24 Mar 2018 Update Comments OFF

WANTED: Lost Posh Poker Chips – Last seen in Norcross, GA. $250 reward for their complete return of 2 sliver cases. These chips are worthless to most people, but they hold sentimental value to our players and myself. Please contact me through our website to arrange their return as soon as possible. Partial returns can […]

Qualifiers for 2/27/18 Season Final

26 Feb 2018 Update Comments OFF

Congratulations and good luck to all of you who made the Quarterly Final. The game will be held Tuesday, February 27th, at 7pm. Sign up is at 6:30! ** NOTE: This is the updated list.  No qualifiers were changed, just a few of the chip counts changed to reflect a missing score sheet.   Ali […]

Qualifiers for the Next Tournament are listed below. Good luck to all who made it, and we’ll see you on Monday, December 4th at Mazzy’s Norcross. Aleksey Sudakov 60 Ali Alaeddini 150 Andrew Taboada 55 Anne Brundridge 95 Arun Bala 55 Bhargav Vempaty 45 Bill Tait 110 Bob Richwine 135 Bob Sugden 55 Brandon Stephens […]

Congratulations to the Qualifiers below. The final tournament will be played at Mazzy’s, Norcross on Tuesday July 11th. Game time is 7pm. Good luck to you all! 150 – Sameer N. 135 – Bob R. 135 – Bill T 125 – Rick K 125 – Tom H 110 – Victor M. 110 – Heath D. […]

Qualifiers for May 2nd Tournament

28 Apr 2017 Update Comments OFF

Congratulations to all the finalists listed below. Your starting chip stack is also listed. Good luck to you all, and we will see you at Mazzy’s, Norcross, on Tuesday at 6:30pm! – Jeff and Jesse Name Stack Name Stack Andrew Taboada 100 Joel Montes 40 Anne Brundridge 70 Josh Ruiz 40 Bhargav Vempaty 50 Judy […]

Qualifiers list

15 Dec 2016 Update Comments OFF

Congratulations to the following Qualifiers. We will see you all this Saturday, 3:30pm at Mazzy’s Norcross. Name Starting Stack Name Starting Stack Aleksey Sudakov 12 Anne Brundridge 20 Bill Tait 25 Bob Richwine 30 Brandon Cusick 12 Brandon Stephens 12 Bret Levy 37.5 Candi Booth 20 Carl Sherman 12 Charles Caine 26 Craig Cusick 21 […]

Quarterly Finalists

29 Jul 2016 Update Comments OFF

Congratulations to all below who made the tournament. We will play this Saturday, July 30th, at Mazzy’s Norcross. Start time is 4:30pm. Good luck! Name Starting Stack Name Starting Stack Aleksey Sudakov 20 Ali Alaeddini 22.5 Anne Brundridge 21 Bhargav Vempaty 12 Bill Tait 25 Bob Richwine 32.5 Brandon Stephens 12 Bret Levy 31 Candi […]

1 Dec 2015 Update Comments OFF

Congratulations to the qualifiers for this Fridays season final tournament.  Qualifiers and starting stacks are listed below.  Good luck, and see you at Mazzy’s on Friday, where sign-in is at 7:30pm. Abbas Naraghi 12 Aleksey Sudakov 12 Ali Alaeddini 45 Anand Raj 12 Andrew Goodman 12 Anne Brundridge 30 Arya Molugu 25 Bhargav Vempatu 21 […]