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29 Jun 2022 Update

Howdy, poker gods and goddesses! Hoping this week finds you kicking proverbial butt & taking names. Posh is back at it again with our regularly scheduled tourneys moving into the holiday weekend!

This week, at every game we will have bounty chips for every single knockout that will add 25K to your stack before break, and 50K thereafter and up until the final table. This just adds a layer of excitement and also a larger mound of chips by the tourny end!

Tonight – Tony’s Sports Grill – 8pm – Bounty Hunters!
Thursday – Mazzy’s Norcross – 8pm – Bounty Hunters!
Saturday – Mazzy’s Roswell – 8pm – Bounty Hunters!
Sunday – Mazzy’s Milton – 6pm – Bounty Hunters!

I am about 75% caught up for the current poker season, and so far it looks like some familiar names are near the top of the points totals! Apologies for the tardiness, but trying like crazy to finish up the tally ASAP as we move toward our next Final Tourney, TBD.

Everyone have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend with friends & family!

All the best

Jeff & Jesse

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