2010 February :: Posh Poker Productions

New Poker Venue for Wednesdays

23 Feb 2010 Poker, Update, Winners Comments OFF

Greetings Posh Poker people!! I want to start this newsletter by thanking you for the best attendance ever for our final tournament this past Sunday, and also to congratulate the top three finishers Gordon Snider, Doug Beam, and new champion Jerry McEntire! They outlasted the all-star field of 42 to finish in the money. As […]

Final Tournament Results

22 Feb 2010 Poker, Winners Comments OFF

The Final Tournament was played on Sunday. Congratulations to those who made the final table. The final table results are below: Jerry McEntire Doug Beam Gordon Snider Lauren Ward Charlie Byrd Lissa Perry Ron Brundridge Chris Merhoff Will Sowers Jesse Gearhart

Week 1 Winners (New Season)

19 Feb 2010 Poker, Winners Comments OFF

A new season of Posh Poker has begun, congratulations to this weeks winners who got things started off great! Winners: Week 1 (Week of 02/15/10) Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 1 Gordon Snider Jesse Littler Clay Allen 2 Scott Williams Rajalakshmi Jennifer Caron 3 Jeff Malone Roz Grigger Jesse Gearhart

Final Tournament Qualifiers Hello all! Congratulations to everyone who has qualified. The list of qualifiers and starting stack sizes are below. The Final Tournament will be at Tony’s in Roswell on Sunday Feb. 21st (This Sunday). Sign in is at 3:30pm and cards fly at 4:00pm. Please do not be late. If you did not […]

Week 12 Winners

12 Feb 2010 Poker, Winners Comments OFF

Congratulations to this weeks winners. The Season has ended, so everyone has a fresh start Tuesday! The top 30 players each night make the final tournament. Since Jeff discounts himself in that, the top 31 from Wednesday and Thursday are actually used. You can check your placements, but we’ll have an official announcement on Monday […]

Final Tournament Date announcement

11 Feb 2010 News, Poker Comments OFF

Hello all! Point are updated as of last night. Tonight is the last tournament of the “Season”, next week will be a fresh start to a new Season with a whole new chance to put yourself on the leaderboard. The Final Tournament is upon us. The top 30 points leaders, taken separately each night, will […]

Week 11 Winners

9 Feb 2010 Poker, Winners Comments OFF

Congratulations to this weeks winners. This is the last week before the next season, so you just have this week to make points. Details regarding the end of Season Final Tournament coming soon! Winners: Week 11 (Week of 02/1/10) Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 1 Scott Phillips Lissa Perry Jeff Schuelke 2 Karl Brown Larry Bicknell David […]

(Apparently there are a few of you who read these… feel free to comment on them and tell me why I’m wrong or right or just plain nuts). Free Poker vs. Online Poker vs. “Real Poker” Anyone who plays Free poker regularly eventually gets into a discussion regarding the differences between Free Poker and other […]