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16 Jul 2011 Update Comments OFF

Congratulations to our Winners of the Season Final Tournament on Friday. 1st: Neil Patel 2nd: Carl Pickering 3rd: Josh Ruiz 4th: Heath Derrick 5th: Tony McCarthy 6th: Jesse Littler They did a great job navigating the field… and it goes to show you, a short stack with the minimum in chips can *definitely* win!

Congratulations to all who qualified. Below is the list with starting stack sizes. The tournament will be *this* Friday, July 15th, 7:00pm at Mazzy’s Norcross. Good luck to you all! Adam Sawyer 15k Alicia Westfall 15k Anand Raj 26k Anne Brundridge 27.5k Bill Myers 21k Bob Frost 35k Bob Richwine 47.5k Bret Levy 25k Bryan […]

Points are updated

8 Jul 2011 Update Comments OFF

Points are updated with final totals for Wednesday and Thursday Nights.  Just one more game to go for the season this Sunday and the points are all locked up.  I’ll make a sweep on all points to make sure there were no mistakes on entries, so be sure to look things over and let me […]

$50 First Prize Tonight!

6 Jul 2011 Update Comments OFF

Come and try your blend of SKILL & LUCK tonight at the Doubletree Café Deepstack tournament at 8pm, and take down the top prize of $50!!  All normal chip-ups apply double strength, including the passcode within this post.  This will be the final week of the Spring/Summer season so you won’t want to miss out […]

How Points Accumulate

4 Jul 2011 Update Comments OFF

Happy Independence Day! There is one week left in this season, that means you have one game at each location to improve your points. Speaking of points, we often get questions around this time of the season about how points are calculated and used. I’ll attempt to answer that. Every time you play a regular […]