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Last Weeks Winners

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Points have been entered for all week 2 games. Congratulations to the winners! Tues – Tony’s Jeff Stockstill Heath Derrick Brian Cheatwood Wed – Veranda David Kapper Daryl Caldwell Jeff Schuelke Thurs – Tony’s Jill Arant Emery Icard Kade Atkinson Fri – Veranda Sean Corry Jeff Schuelke Kade Atkinson Sun – Veranda David Caldwell Rajalaksmi […]

Hold Em @ Tony’s Tonight

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Hello Posh People! A big congratulations to Gail Carusone for taking down the top prize last Saturday in our Spring tournament!! Other notable finishers were ‘Death Grip’ (2nd), Keith Alston (3rd), Daryl Caldwell (4th), and Chris Merhoff (5th). Great effort by everyone in this tournament….solid play all around….it felt like we were at the Rio, […]

Points have been entered for all week 1 games.  Good start folks!  Here are the Winners! Tues – Tony’s Bevon Benjamin Jeff Schuelke Doug Beam Wed – Veranda Heath Derrick Sean Corry Uriah Eichele Thurs – Tony’s Kade Atkinson Jill Arant Jesse Boston Fri – Veranda Charlie Byrd Jill Arant Matt Perry Sun – Veranda […]

Final Tournament   Spring   2010 Name Starting Chips Name Starting Chips Alex Sabia 12,000 Jacob Robinson 15,000 Amanda Hershey 15,000 Jasu Patel 72,500 Anand Raj 58,500 Jeff Schuelke 62,500 Armand Castro 30,000 Jeff Stockstill 35,000 Bob Richwine 27,500 Jenger Claus 12,000 Brandon Pittman 38,500 Jennifer Caron 25,000 Bret Levy 18,000 Jerry McEntire 41,000 Carl Holzmann 33,000 […]

Start me up

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OK, ladies and gentlemen…..we begin the new season of Posh Poker tournament play tonight at Tony’s Grill at 8pm!! Here’s your chance to get out ahead of the pack!! I will have the complete top 30 list for every day from this past season who now qualify for the final tournament on Sat. May 22!! […]

Hey folks, All points are updated (click on the leaderboard link above to view them). We’ve finished the season and are starting a fresh 12 week season Tuesday. Jeff is going over the points and preparing the details for the final tournament. You can figure out if you’ve made it yourself by checking each day […]

End of Season Wrap-up

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Sunday is the final game of the season, and the new 12 week season will start directly on Tuesday. Points will be updated Monday… Top 30 on any night qualify for the final tournament. We’ll post the start stack details shortly after final points are tallied. – Jesse