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Re-Raising an all-in

28 Sep 2012 Poker, Theory Comments OFF

Recently a question came about from a hand played at a Posh Poker Game. The situation includes bet sizes, and when you can raise or re-raise an all in. It’s one of the trickier rules of the game to figure out, and it’s often handled incorrectly. Jeff asked the following question recently based on this […]

Free Poker Strategy

7 Mar 2010 Poker, Theory Comments OFF

Despite the fact that I have said that you shouldn’t play different because the game is free, but you should adjust to the situation, it’s easy to conclude that the situation in free poker is often predictable. Therefore you can easily come up with some strategies based on these predictable situations. Learn how your opponents […]

Announcing a raise

2 Mar 2010 Poker, Theory Comments OFF

In a recent episode of the World Series of Poker Europe a teachable moment occurred in a hand between Shawn Deeb and Daniel Negraneu. The video is on linked on this page (look for the video on the lower right), or you can just click here: WSOP Europe Main Event E04 5/5. Fast forward to […]

(Apparently there are a few of you who read these… feel free to comment on them and tell me why I’m wrong or right or just plain nuts). Free Poker vs. Online Poker vs. “Real Poker” Anyone who plays Free poker regularly eventually gets into a discussion regarding the differences between Free Poker and other […]

Playing Pocket Aces

15 Jan 2010 Poker, Theory Comments OFF

How do you play pocket aces? I’ve been intending to write some articles about playing specific hands for a while, starting with pocket aces. Last night, while playing at Tony’s, I ran across Aces when I played someone who had them. The way he played them was a way that normally I wouldn’t endorse, and […]