Poker Profile: Jesse Gearhart :: Posh Poker Productions

Name: Jesse Gearhart

Starting Hand:  89 suited or Pocket Aces
Poker Game: No Limit Hold ‘Em
Pro Poker Player: Phil Helmuth

Worst Beat: “Every Beat is bad, but the worst beats are when you are called by ridiculous cards that end up beating you. I think the worst one I can remember is being called with 3 5 suited when I went all in holding pocket queens. The bet cost my opponent over half of his chips (and no he wasn’t short stacked). Of course my opponent caught a flush… on the river.”

Poker Bio: “I’ve been playing poker since I was a kid, but I didn’t play well until around 2007. Since then I’ve absorbed poker from everywhere I can: books, Television, Online play, and my favorite: live play. Playing multiple times a week at Tony’s has really helped my game. For those who like to say that “free poker” isn’t real, I’d just say that you have to adjust your game, as you would no matter where you played, to the situation. By being able to do so, I think I’ve become a much better player.

I’d really like to get better at other games though, as the only thing I really play is Tournament and Cash Game No Limit Hold ’em. I really would like to get better at Stud and Omaha games.”