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Announcing a Raise

22 Sep 2010

In a recent episode of the World Series of Poker Europe a teachable moment occurred in a hand between Shawn Deeb and Daniel Negraneu. The video is on linked on this page (look for the video on the lower right), or you can just click here: WSOP Europe Main Event E04 5/5. Fast forward to about 3:22 to see the hand.

Negraneu limps in a hand with pocket 77’s, Deeb raises, and Negraneu re-raises by saying “I’m going to pound you back a little”. To those with live poker experience, that’s an obvious raise announcement, but Deeb, who is primarily an online poker player, accuses him of a string raise. He gets a little pouty too when after the floor is asked for a ruling, they side with Negraneu.

Not everyone knows all the etiquette of live poker, but Deeb, who has been playing in major live tournments for the past few years, should have known better. At any rate, it’s a good lesson for folks who primarily play online and also learning to play live.