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Final Tournament Chip Counts

21 Jan 2014 Update Comments OFF

Here are the final tournament chips counts. Congratulations to all who made it. We’ll see you this Saturday at 4:30! Alfredo Acosta 18 Ali Alaeddini 27.5 Anand Raj 21 Anne Brundridge 22.5 Arya Molugu 12 Bill Tait 25 Bob Richwine 20 Brandon Stephens 22.5 Bret Levy 25 Carl Pickering 20 Carl Sherman 12 Chuck McMillan […]

Final Qualifier list coming soon!

19 Jan 2014 Update Comments OFF

Tonight is the last night to earn points for this Season. The Final Tournament will be January 25th, 4:30pm at Mazzy’s Norcross. The qualifier list will be posted tomorrow. Good luck everyone!