:: Posh Poker Productions

31 Dec 2009

The Posh Poker Meetup Group:

Posh Poker utilizes a social networking website called Meetup to help organize our events. is a place you can go to find groups of people interested in the same things you are. Users can join “meetup groups” of their own liking. These groups then schedule “Meetups”, and invite their members to RSVP for the events.

Posh Poker events are always added to the Posh Poker Meetup. Members of the Posh Poker meetup will receive bonus chips at the event for RSVPing through

The meetup group is helpful, as all emails can be directed through the meetup group (therefore we don’t need to collect your email address), and automatically sends out emails reminding you of our events allowing you to quickly and easily RSVP. This is an “opt-in” service, which means the user has to actively want to join the group. Should you not want to receive our emails, you can change your meetup settings or leave the group.

Meetup has been a very important tool to Posh Poker as it has helped us organize and has brought in many new players looking for a good place to play poker. We hope you enjoy the service too.