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Happy Independence Day!

There is one week left in this season, that means you have one game at each location to improve your points.

Speaking of points, we often get questions around this time of the season about how points are calculated and used. I’ll attempt to answer that.

Every time you play a regular Posh Poker Tournament, the top 20 finishers are awarded points. Points range from 500 for first down to 40 points for 20th (Structure is documented on this website… just click the “tournament structure” link at the top). Points are also awarded if you make and showdown 4-of-a-kind (75pts), a straight flush (100pts), or a Royal Flush (150pts). Finally, at the end of the night you can put your total tab (what you spent that night) on the back of the sign-out sheet. This will earn you double points for the night. That means if you spent $15 (including tip), you would receive an additional 30pts for the evening. You get these regardless of whether you placed.

Over the course of 12 weeks (a regular Posh season), those points accumulate for each location. That is to say that if you make points at the Titled Kilt, they total only for the Tilted Kilt, and do not total towards the Doubletree. This gives you separate opportunities to make the final tournament, as the top 30* overall finishers of a given night are automatically given entry into the final tournament. Therefore if you can only play one night a week, and choose the same location each time, you can still make the tournament, and someone who plays multiple nights a week does not make it harder for you to earn entry.

In another post I will describe how starting chips for the final are determined, but for this post it is sufficient to describe how points are accumulated and used to determine who enters in the tournament.

You can look at points total by clicking the “Points Leaderboard” link at the top. Just change the “Season” drop down to the night you wish to view, and at the bottom you can change the “page” to view all placements. I hope this helps clear things up for some of our newer players.

* Top 30 generally actually means top 31. While Jeff usually plays the regular tournaments, and the final tournament, he cannot win the prizes and therefore takes himself out of the top 30 calculation. And since Jeff always makes top 30, the 31st finisher earns entry as well.

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