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Greetings Posh Poker people!! I want to start this newsletter by thanking you for the best attendance ever for our final tournament this past Sunday, and also to congratulate the top three finishers

Gordon Snider, Doug Beam, and new champion Jerry McEntire! They outlasted the all-star field of 42 to finish in the money.

As you all probably know, our Tony’s schedule has just changed from Wednesdays at 8pm to Sundays at 5pm beginning this week! Points from last Wed. will transfer to the Sunday game moving forward.

In an effort to provide consistent variety and host as many tournaments as possible in our area, it is my pleasure to announce we will begin a Wednesday 8pm tournament at Roswell’s own Veranda Greek Taverna, which is located at 11235 Alpharetta Highway (right past Andretti Speedway and across the street). This venue has it’s own poker room off to the side of the bar, the atmosphere is warm and inviting, with attentive and friendly servers. In addition, the food is rated excellent all over the web! Besides the normal $30/$20/$10 gift certificates, we will also begin this week by giving $100 to the 1st place finisher!! So RSVP and come see us on Wednesday at the Taverna! Sign up by 7:45 and you get an extra 5K chip!!! I look forward to playing each of you in this new venue!

Hearts over Diamonds


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