Final Tournament Qualifiers – Sun. 21st 4:00pm :: Posh Poker Productions

Final Tournament Qualifiers

Hello all! Congratulations to everyone who has qualified. The list of qualifiers and starting stack sizes are below. The Final Tournament will be at Tony’s in Roswell on Sunday Feb. 21st (This Sunday). Sign in is at 3:30pm and cards fly at 4:00pm. Please do not be late. If you did not qualify this season, you can start fresh this Tuesday when we begin our next season!

Name Starting Chips Name Starting Chips
Alex Ramiro 12K Alex Sabia 25K
Anne Brundridge 15K Ashley Bush 20K
Austin Abry 10K Bob Richwine 26K
Brandon Pittman 26K Bret Levy 25K
Carl Holzmann 32.5K Charlene Goodwin 20K
Charlie Byrd 47.5K Chris Merhoff 35K
Claire Hatcher 21K Clay Allen 33.5K
Daryl Caldwell 20K David Caldwell 25K
Doug Beam 20K Dujuan Evans 10K
Dustin Davis 10K Emery Icard 17K
Emily Head 10K Estaban Toscano 12K
Fritz Wagener 25K Gail Carusone 10K
Gordon Snider 25K Grant Harrison 10K
Heath Derrick 25K Jack Friedman 12K
Jasu Patel 32.5K Jeff Schuelke 35K
Jeff Stockstill 30K Jennifer Caron 10K
Jerry McEntire 37.5K Jesse Gearhart 47.5K
Jesse Littler 50K Jill Arant 22.5K
JP Sunderland 32.5K Kade Atkinson 25K
Keith Alston 35K Larry Reed 20K
Lauren Ward 30K Lissa Perry 57.5K
Matt Perry 36K Rajalakshmi Parameswaran 18K
Ron Brundridge 25K Roz Grigger 15K
Scott Phillips 45K Scott Williams 37K
Sean Corry 21K Susan Frost 10K
Thomas Lucas 12K Uriah Eichele 10K
Will Sowers 20K

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