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Dear Posh Poker Players,


During this time of Social Distancing, and our inability for our poker family to get together for our regular games, we would like to offer you a way to continue to play poker and connect with our poker friends.  Starting immediately we will be hosting online poker games using PokerStars until we can return to live play. These games will be held at the same time as our regular poker games.

For participating in online posh games we will award players an extra chip up at a live game the first week we are back, as well as awarding 50 points for a first place finish, and 25 points for a second place finish.  These points will be applied to the new season that starts when we return. (These will not apply to the current season points which are already set).


Note that home games are only supported on desktop (PC/MAC) and not yet supported on mobile devices (Though this is coming in the near future).

The PokerStars software can be downloaded at:


Every four hours you are able to receive 15,000 in free play chips.  You will also be awarded a bonus the first time you sign in. While you can purchase additional free chips, it should not be necessary if you log in and claim your free chips on a regular basis. “Buy in” to these free tournaments is 20,000 free play chips (the minimum possible).


To join the Posh online club click the “Home Games” button on the lower right and the join using the following details:

  • Join club: 3220771
  • Invitation code: seatopen
  • Jesse will approve requests as they come in (and when he’s in front of a computer).
  • A list of available games will be shown to you in the club lobby.  Join the game for the current night, and enjoy!


  • 20,000 free play chips are required to enter a tournament (See note on obtaining free more free chips above)
  • You may pre-register anytime before the start time, and late registrations are accepted until 10 minutes after the start time.
  • Unregistering is possible up until 2 minutes before the start (in order to retrieve your free pay chips if you are unable to attend)
  • Games will be run on normal Posh nights at the time as the live games are scheduled (Wednesday at 8:00pm for example). Structure is as follows:
  • 5000 Starting stack chips
  • 10 minute blinds
  • 15/30 starting blind levels (These will use standard PokerStars blind structures and will introduce an ante at later levels)
  • 5 minute break at 5 minutes before the hour.
  • The Free play chips will also be awarded as per PokerStars structure, but we will apply points to the next season as already detailed.
  • In order to be awarded your points, you will need to turn on the ability to see your real name in the club.  Turn this on by going to the “options” in the club lobby, and checking “Show my real name in Club Member List”.

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