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Posh Poker Pros! Here’s to starting our 2019 as one of the best ever!

This past Saturday concluded the 10-week season, and Charles Caine was able to make a late run and grab hold of the first ranked points spot going into our final tournament next week.

The top 60 qualifiers on the season will play for a prize pool of $777 next Tuesday, January 8th at Mazzy’s Norcross, signup at 6:30, and cards to fly about 7pm. We have the list of qualifiers below, with stack sizes coming shortly.

Tonight begins the fresh new 2019 season and everyone begins the points climb again! Regular schedule will commence as follows:

Tonight – Mazzy’s Roswell – 8pm
Thursday – Mazzy’s Norcross – 8pm
Saturday – Mazzy’s Roswell – 8pm
Monday – Harp Irish Pub – 7:30pm

All in for 2019!!


Qualifiers: Charles Caine, Shammi Mohammed, Hannah Smith, Jeff Schuelke, Greg Sloan, Dino Barylski, Kathryn Cook, Rick Kohel, Thomas Dunlap, Chris Merhoff, Jay Miller, Bob Richwine, Bill Tait, Carl Sherman, David Brooks, Hari Rao, Colin Cocksedge, Susan Frost, Bob Sugden, Steven McCaffrey, David Feldman, Monika Meacham, Nancy Sherman, Steve Safa, Bret Levy, Don Argo, Jay Akins, Greg Crabb, Doug Beam, Anne Brundridge, Shane Funk, John Boice, Bhargav Vempaty, Quin Booker, Adam Hagandora, Donnie Smith, Karl Ellis, Sameer Naran, Jesse Gearhart, Heath Derrick, Scott Massie, Wesley Wilburn, Bill Plank, Danny Bayless, Katie Wetherbee, Michael Wall, Carl Holzmann, Brian Heggoy, Sam Harris, Judy Richwine, Shannendoah Gallagher, Robert Smith, Jeremy Grove, Larry Smith, Venkat Chirumamilla, Alex Taylor, Tauheed Williams, Chris DelGuercio, Sanjith David, Josh Ruiz, Todd Simon

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