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Qualifiers list – 11/7/2014

2 Nov 2014 Update Comments OFF

The quarterly final tournament is this Friday at Mazzy’s Norcross – 7pm. ┬áCongratulations to all of the qualifiers below:


Ali Alaeddini
Anand Raj
Anne Brundridge
Anthony Mussillo
Arya Molugu
Bill Tait
Bob Richwine
Brad Kohel
Brandon Stephens
Bret Levy
Carl Pickering
Carl Sherman
Carmen Hagen
Carson Hale
Charlie Byrd
Chuck McMillan
Craig Dunnah
Dale Strickland
David Caldwell
Deanna Smith
Dharmil Shah
Dino Barylski
Don Argo
Donnie Smith
Hannah Smith
Hari Rao
Heath Derrick
Jack Friedman
Jason Aubry
Jay Akins
Jay Miller
Jeff Schuelke
Jerry McEntire
Jesse Gearhart
John Foy
Josh Ruiz
Judy Richwine
Kenny Davidson
Kurt Maaske
Larry Smith
Marcus Brodzki
Matt Littleford
Miriam Aubry
Nancy Sherman
PJ Allen
Ramu Parupalli
Rick Kohel
Robert E Smith
Ron Brundridge
Sam Strickland
Sameer Naran
Sandy Miller
Scott Massie
Steve West
Supi Maan
Susan Frost
Tauheed Williams
Tom Konz
Tory Hall
Uday Are

Qualifiers list!

7 Aug 2014 Update Comments OFF

Congratulations to the qualifiers listed below. I will post an update shortly which includes chip stacks.

The end of season tournament is this Saturday at Mazzy’s Norcross, 4:30pm!

Ali Alaeddini, Anand Raj, Anne Brundridge, Anthony Mussillo, Arya Molugu, Beau Edger, Bill Tait, Bob Richwine, Brandon Stephens, Bret Levy, Candi Booth, Carl Pickering, Carl Sherman, Charles Huff, Chris Merhoff, Corey Overton, Daryl Caldwell, David Caldwell, Deanna Smith, Dino Barylski, Don Argo, Donnie Smith, Dujuan Evans, Evan Camp, Gerald Williams, Hannah Smith, Heath Derrick, Jason Aubry, Jay Akins, Jay Miller, Jeff Schuelke, Jerry McEntire, Jesse Gearhart, Josh Ruiz, Judy Richwine, Justin Lamb, Keith Alston, Larry Cowen, Larry Smith, Marcus Brodzki, Matt Littleford, Nancy Sherman, Patrick Dye, PJ Allen, Robert E Smith, Rocky Middleton, Ron Brundridge, Ronny Broyles, Sameer Naran, Sandy Miller, Scott Massie, Shannon Amaru, Stella Maher, Steve West, Supi Maan, Susan Frost, Tauheed Williams, Uday Are

New Venue!

3 Apr 2014 Update Comments OFF

Posh Poker is proud to announce our newest location, Buffalo Wild Wings off of exit 8-Mansell Rd, beginning next Wednesday, April 9th at 7 pm!! This venue is a strong central location to the majority of our group and we hope this will quickly become a FLAGSHIP weekly tournament!

All the best

Jeff & Jesse

Change of Location for Sunday

28 Mar 2014 Update Comments OFF

Effective immediately we will move the Sunday game from Alpharetta to the Tilted Kilt, Perimeter.

The new address is: 1155 Mt Vernon Hwy, Dunwoody, GA 30338

Join us as we try out this new location!

– Jeff and Jesse

Final quarter…

2 Feb 2014 Update Comments OFF

Goes to Vamc. Better luck next year everyone else .

And 3rd quarter goes to …

2 Feb 2014 Update Comments OFF

Ali! (And finally a Denver score)

2nd quarter winner…

2 Feb 2014 Update Comments OFF

Is Jeff!

1st quarter winner

2 Feb 2014 Update Comments OFF

Hannah Smith wins first quarter!

Super Bowl squares

2 Feb 2014 Update Comments OFF


Final Tournament Chip Counts

21 Jan 2014 Update Comments OFF

Here are the final tournament chips counts. Congratulations to all who made it. We’ll see you this Saturday at 4:30!

Alfredo Acosta 18
Ali Alaeddini 27.5
Anand Raj 21
Anne Brundridge 22.5
Arya Molugu 12
Bill Tait 25
Bob Richwine 20
Brandon Stephens 22.5
Bret Levy 25
Carl Pickering 20
Carl Sherman 12
Chuck McMillan 12
Daryl Caldwell 21
David Caldwell 20
Deanna Smith 20
Dharmil Shah 22.5
Don Argo 36
Donnie Smith 47.5
Gary Garrett 20
Hannah Smith 41
Hari Rao 12
Heath Derrick 20
Hilda Mancila 21
Jay Akins 22.5
Jay Miller 12
Jeff Schuelke 52.5
Jesse Gearhart 40
John Foy 31
Josh Ruiz 42.5
Judy Richwine 15
Justin Lamb 26
Keith Alston 15
Keith Morris 12
Kevin Ticko 12
Kevin Wesolowski 20
Larry Cowen 22.5
Larry Smith 12
Louise Bennett 12
Matt Bennett 12
Matt Littleford 20
Matt Monroe 12
Nancy Sherman 12
Pat Busch 21
Paul Garcia 25
PJ Allen 32.5
Ramu Parupalli 35
Rocky Middleton 15
Ron Brundridge 32.5
Ronny Broyles 12
Rudy Vaupel 12
Sam Strickland 20
Sameer Naran 32
Scott Massie 15
Shane Dunnah 12
Shane Funk 12
Shannon Amaru 12
Stella Maher 20
Sterling Ledet 15
Steve West 12
Sue Wesolowski 20
Supi Maan 20
Tauheed Williams 15
Todd Simon 15
Tonya Pinder 15
Tory Hall 12
Uday Are 15