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25 Jul 2013 Update Comments OFF

Hello everyone. Points are updated through week 11, and there are just a few more opportunities to earn points for this season.

Our newest location, Twisted Taco Perimeter, is going strong. Remember, game time for Wednesdays at TT is 7:30.

Stay tuned for the date/time announcement for the Quarterly Final tournament. Good luck everyone!

– Jeff and Jesse

Qualifiers List

13 May 2013 Update Comments OFF

The season has ended, and points have been tallied.  Here is the list of all qualifiers.  We’ll see you this Saturday, at Twisted Taco for a 5:00pm start time (arrive 4:30 to get your chips).  Chip stacks total will be available at each game this week.  Good luck everyone!


Alfredo Acosta
Alonzo Jones
Anne Brundridge
Bill Tait
Bob Frost
Bob Richwine
Bret Levy
Candi Booth
Carl Pickering
Chris Merhoff
Chuck Jefferson
Chuck McMillan
Daryl Caldwell
David Caldwell
Deanna Smith
Dharmil Shah
Dino Barylski
Don Argo
Gary Scott
Hannah Smith
Hari Rao
Heath Derrick
Jack Friedman
Jack Jackson
Jay Akins
Jay Miller
Jeff Hunter
Jeff Schuelke
Jennifer Derrick
Jerry McEntire
Jesse Boston
Jesse Gearhart
Jesse Littler
John Foy
Josh Ruiz
Judy Richwine
Kevin Wesolowski
Krishna Gidda
Larry Smith
Lissa Perry
Luis Mancilla
Matt Littleford
Matt Perry
Mohan Yalamanchili
Monika Sachdeva
Nancy Sherman
Nick Romeo
Omar Ponce
Paul Garcia
Pavan Kambhatla
PJ Allen
Ron Brundridge
Ronny Broyles
Sam Strickland
Sameer Naran
Sandy Miller
Scott Massie
Scott Mora
Sean Corry
Shannon Amaru
Sue Wesolowski
Supi Maan
Susan Frost
Tauheed Williams
Uday Are

Points updated

7 May 2013 Update Comments OFF

One last week to earn points for this quarters final tournament.  Points are updated.  Good luck everyone!

– Jesse

Here are the Qualifiers and chips stack sizes for the Quarterly tournament. Congratulations to all that made it. The game will be played at 5:30pm this Saturday at the Tilted Kilt, Alpharetta.

– Jeff and Jesse

Name Stack   Name Stack
Anne Brundridge 26 Jyoti Mohapatra 12
Ben Rodin 12 Kale Thompson 26
Bill Tait 20 Kevin Wesolowski 15
Bob Frost 12 Krishna Gidda 15
Bob Richwine 37.5 Larry Smith 12
Bret Levy 30 Lillian Bootman 15
Carl Pickering 21 Lissa Perry 20
Chris Merhoff 32.5 Matt Littleford 20
Chuck Jefferson 20 Mohan Yalamanchili 22.5
Daryl Caldwell 21 Monika Sachdeva 15
David Caldwell 26 Patrick Dye 12
David Pearl 12 Paul Garcia 12
Deanna Smith 22.5 PJ Allen 42.5
Dharmil Shah 12 Randolph King 12
Dino Barylski 20 Rikki Smith 15
Don Argo 32.5 Rocky Middleton 12
Emery Icard 12 Ron Brundridge 35
Hari Rao 12 Ronny Broyles 18
Heath Derrick 18 Sandy Miller 22.5
Heather Branton 27.5 Scott Massie 12
Jack Friedman 15 Scott Mora 15
Jack Jackson 42.5 Sean Corry 12
Jay Akins 32.5 Shane Funk 20
Jay Miller 25 Shannon Amaru 20
Jeff Schuelke 50 Sue Wesolowski 15
Jennifer Derrick 12 Supi Maan 30
Jerry McEntire 25 Susan Frost 33.5
Jesse Boston 25 Tauheed Williams 15
Jesse Gearhart 21 Thomas Morrison 20
Jesse Littler 12 Tito Garcia 18
John Foy 22.5 Todd Simon 15
Josh Ruiz 27.5 Uday Are 15
Judy Richwine 20
Total Number of Qualifiers 65
      Average Stack Size 20.777

Points are updated

13 Feb 2013 Update Comments OFF

Hello poker pros!  A HEARTY thanks to those who came out last night for our special Tuesday game at Mazzy’s!

Tonight, we have early poker at 7pm, week 12 Twisted Taco – Roswell!  Bring your best poker face and a buck to kick the piggy!  Table bounties continue as well!

If you want to see where you currently stand among the top 30 at our locations, the website is 100% updated through last night’s game!

Final tournament will take place on Saturday, February 23 at Tilted Kilt Alpharetta at 5:30 PM (top 30 qualifiers only).


Hope to see everyone on the felt soon!


All the best

Jeff & Jesse


Super Bowl squares

1 Feb 2013 Update Comments OFF

Super Bowl squares have been filled and selected. Good luck!


Quarterly Tournament Winners!

5 Dec 2012 Update Comments OFF

Posh Poker wants to congratulate everyone who competed in our quarterly qualifier tournament this past Friday! A good time was had by all, and top 5 finishers were

1. John Foy
2. Shane Funk
3. Taylor Cox
4. Jay Akins
5. Josh Ruiz

As always, we hope to see you all on the felt soon!

Jeff & Jesse


Below is the starting stacks for all of the qualifiers for the Final Tournament this Friday at Mazzy’s Norcross.  The game begins at 7:00pm, but be there by 6:30 for signup and to receive your chips stacks.  Good luck to you all!


Name Chip Count Name Chip Count
Adam McLellan 12 Ali Alaeddini 12
Anne Brundridge 27.5 Bill Tait 25
Bob Frost 27.5 Bob Richwine 42.5
Bret Levy 30 Cameron Leyva 21
Carl Pickering 25 Charles Huff 25
Chris Merhoff 20 Cynthia Trent 12
David Caldwell 27.5 Deanna Smith 38.5
Dino Barylski 15 Dinorah Martin 12
Don Argo 35 Emery Icard 18
Gary Garrett 12 Hari Rao 18
Heath Derrick 15 Jack Friedman 15
Jack Jackson 21 James Early 12
Jay Akins 30 Jay Miller 12
Jeff Schuelke 40 Jerry McEntire 20
Jesse Boston 12 Jesse Gearhart 42.5
John Foy 15 Josh Ruiz 27.5
Josiah Wandu 12 Judy Richwine 33.5
Kale Thompson 33.5 Kevin Wesolowski 20
Krishna Gidda 12 Lauren Cheskes 12
Lillian Bootman 18 Michael Wall 15
Mohan Yalamanchili 27.5 Monika Sachdeva 15
PJ Allen 21 Rikki Smith 12
Rocky Middleton 12 Ron Brundridge 27.5
Ronny Broyles 21 Scott Massie 12
Scott Mora 25 Shane Funk 15
Shannon Amaru 12 Steve Keller 15
Sue Wesolowski 25 Supi Maan 40
Susan Frost 37.5 Tauheed Williams 25
Taylor Coxx 20 Tito Garcia 41
Todd Simon 20 Tonya Pinder 12
Uday Are 27.5

Final Points

26 Nov 2012 Update Comments OFF

Final Point calculations are now on the website (Click on the Points Leaderboard).  Start chip-stacks have been calculated as well, and will be posted as soon as I finish formatting it.


– Jesse

Tonight is the 12th and final installment of our competitive Fall/Winter Quarterly Wednesday night tournaments over at Twisted Taco Roswell, and we are giving TRIPLE bonus points for food & drinks to go toward your quarterly totals, so if you spend $26 you get 78 extra points!! Come kick the Vegas piggy with us tonight at 7pm. Large early chip bonus applies for 6:45 arrival. With NO WORK tomorrow, I hope to see everyone on the felt!! Please RSVP.

This season’s Final Tournament will begin signups at 6:30 pm next Friday, November 30 at Mazzy’s Norcross if you qualify in the top 30 on any day! We will have a list of finalists and chip stacks along via email, website and hard copy early next week. Cards will fly at 7pm sharp and you can get one-time chip bonus if you arrive prior to 7pm. You may also chip up once only for any food or drink purchase! Prizes will be announced that day, but promise to be similar to past quarterly events. The latest you can show up is 30 minutes after first hand.

If I do not see you tonight I would like to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from Posh Poker! Be safe!

All the Best

Jeff & Jesse