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10 Feb 2011 Update

Winding down a great week of poker, and Jesse and I are off to the outer reaches of Mississippi in the morning to represent the Posh Poker clan in some WSOP satellites and other tournaments. Wish us luck!

Tonight – Thursday Deepstack at Mazzy’s Norcross starts at 8pm and you get extra chips if you are in your seat for the start. New players and food & beverage pay double and your passcode is TUNICA!

This Sunday – Posh Poker is proud to have a new venue for its Sunday tournaments – the Tilted Kilt – Roswell, where we recently played our Fall/Winter final. The Kilt has a huge food & beer selection in a fun and friendly Irish pub atmosphere. Cards fly at 7pm this Sunday. Let’s make a good showing!! Prize details coming this weekend.

Finally, Veranda Greek Taverna is still in the Posh Poker mix and we are working together to come up with a new tournament night to host there. Stay tuned.

Hearts over diamonds


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