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16 Sep 2009 Poker

Posh Poker had a great return to our “home” venue Tony’s last night.   There was a very large crowd that included both regulars and quite a bit of new people.  Congratulations to the winners:

  1. Rajalakshmi
  2. Bob Richwine
  3. James Luttrell

To answer a few questions regarding points:

  • Points earned in the two games we held at Ippolito’s will count towards the Tony’s Leaderboard.
  • Each individual night is kept separate (Tuesday @ Tony’s, Wednesday @ ColdBrew’s, and Thursday @ Tony’s).
  • Each Night’s Leader-board gives you a chance to get into the final tournament.
  • Doing well in multiple nights will earn you a larger starting stack at the final tournament.
  • The current “Season will run roughly 12 weeks long, details are still being worked out so stay tuned.

Hope that clears some things up.

Be sure to check the points leader-board (Link at the top of this page).

– Jesse

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