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Points Updated.

31 Mar 2010 Poker, Winners Comments OFF

Points from last week are all up to date (as of 3/28/10). Congratulations to all our winners over the past two weeks (my apologies for not posting the results sooner)! Week of 3/15/10 Tues (Tony’s) Wed (Veranda) Thurs (Tony’s) Sun (Tony’s) Sun (Veranda) 1. 2. 3. Thomas Lucas Carl Holzmann Chris Bergold Jennifer Caron Doug […]

Nemoe’s Suspended

24 Mar 2010 Poker, Update Comments OFF

Effective immediately, we have suspended play at Nemoe’s in Norcross until further notice.

Congratulations to Last Weeks Winners Winners: Week of 03/8/10 Tues (Tony’s) Wed (Veranda) Thurs (Tony’s) Sun (Tony’s) Sun (Veranda) 1 Monika Sachdeva Emery Icard Chris Merhoff Shawn Taucer Lissa Perry 2 Doug Beam Doug Beam Bob Richwine Shane Hageman Bob Richwine 3 Jack Friedman Gregg Coyle Rajalakshmi Kade Atkinson Will Sowers

Last Weeks Winners

9 Mar 2010 Poker, Winners Comments OFF

Congratulations to Last Weeks Winners Winners: Week of 3/1/10 Tues (Tony’s) Wed (Veranda) Thurs (Tony’s) Sun (Tony’s) 1 Daryl Caldwell Kade Atkinson Dujuan Evans Fritz Wagoner 2 Rajalaksmni Jesse Gearhart Brandon Pittman Jack Friedman 3 Sean Corry Claire Hatcher Ron Brundridge Jill Arant

Despite the fact that I have said that you shouldn’t play different because the game is free, but you should adjust to the situation, it’s easy to conclude that the situation in free poker is often predictable. Therefore you can easily come up with some strategies based on these predictable situations. Learn how your opponents […]

Announcing a raise

2 Mar 2010 Poker, Theory Comments OFF

In a recent episode of the World Series of Poker Europe a teachable moment occurred in a hand between Shawn Deeb and Daniel Negraneu. The video is on linked on this page (look for the video on the lower right), or you can just click here: WSOP Europe Main Event E04 5/5. Fast forward to […]

Week 2 Winners

1 Mar 2010 Poker, Winners Comments OFF

Week 2 was a great week. We added a new venue: Veranda Greek Taverna. An extra congratulations to Jill who won the special week 1 $100 first prize at Veranda. Winners: Week 2 (Week of 02/22/10) Tues (Tony’s) Wed (Veranda) Thurs (Tony’s) Sun (Tony’s) 1 Tiana Pan Jill Arant Matt Osbourne Doug Beam 2 Bob […]

New Poker Venue for Wednesdays

23 Feb 2010 Poker, Update, Winners Comments OFF

Greetings Posh Poker people!! I want to start this newsletter by thanking you for the best attendance ever for our final tournament this past Sunday, and also to congratulate the top three finishers Gordon Snider, Doug Beam, and new champion Jerry McEntire! They outlasted the all-star field of 42 to finish in the money. As […]

Final Tournament Results

22 Feb 2010 Poker, Winners Comments OFF

The Final Tournament was played on Sunday. Congratulations to those who made the final table. The final table results are below: Jerry McEntire Doug Beam Gordon Snider Lauren Ward Charlie Byrd Lissa Perry Ron Brundridge Chris Merhoff Will Sowers Jesse Gearhart

A new season of Posh Poker has begun, congratulations to this weeks winners who got things started off great! Winners: Week 1 (Week of 02/15/10) Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 1 Gordon Snider Jesse Littler Clay Allen 2 Scott Williams Rajalakshmi Jennifer Caron 3 Jeff Malone Roz Grigger Jesse Gearhart