Season Quarterly Qualifiers :: Posh Poker Productions

Congratulations to all of the Qualifiers listed below. Our final Tournament will be held at Mazzy’s, Norcross, this Saturday, the 24th. Sign in is at 4:30pm. Good luck!!

Ali Alaeddini
Andrew Peluso
Anne Brundridge
Bill Tait
Bob Richwine
Brad Kohel
Brandon Stephens
Bret Levy
Candi Booth
Carl Sherman
Charles Huff
Chris Merhoff
Corey Overton
Daryl Caldwell
David Caldwell
Dean Darrah
Deanna Smith
Dharmil Shah
Dino Barylski
Don Argo
Donnie Smith
Hannah Smith
Hari Rao
Heath Derrick
Jack Friedman
Jason Aubry
Jay Akins
Jay Miller
Jeff Schuelke
Jerry McEntire
Jesse Gearhart
Jose Guerrero
Josh Ruiz
Judy Richwine
Karl Ellis
Larry Cowen
Larry Smith
Luis Pinto
Marcus Brodzki
Michael Wall
Misty Hott
Nancy Sherman
Pat Busch
Paul Garcia
PJ Allen
Rick Kohel
Ron Brundridge
Ron Choe
Ronny Broyles
Sameer Naran
Sandy Miller
Scott Massie
Shane Funk
Supi Maan
Susan Frost
Tauheed Williams
Tom Konz
Tory Hall
Uday Are
Wes Reamsbottom

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