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Qualifiers List

13 May 2013 Update

The season has ended, and points have been tallied.  Here is the list of all qualifiers.  We’ll see you this Saturday, at Twisted Taco for a 5:00pm start time (arrive 4:30 to get your chips).  Chip stacks total will be available at each game this week.  Good luck everyone!


Alfredo Acosta
Alonzo Jones
Anne Brundridge
Bill Tait
Bob Frost
Bob Richwine
Bret Levy
Candi Booth
Carl Pickering
Chris Merhoff
Chuck Jefferson
Chuck McMillan
Daryl Caldwell
David Caldwell
Deanna Smith
Dharmil Shah
Dino Barylski
Don Argo
Gary Scott
Hannah Smith
Hari Rao
Heath Derrick
Jack Friedman
Jack Jackson
Jay Akins
Jay Miller
Jeff Hunter
Jeff Schuelke
Jennifer Derrick
Jerry McEntire
Jesse Boston
Jesse Gearhart
Jesse Littler
John Foy
Josh Ruiz
Judy Richwine
Kevin Wesolowski
Krishna Gidda
Larry Smith
Lissa Perry
Luis Mancilla
Matt Littleford
Matt Perry
Mohan Yalamanchili
Monika Sachdeva
Nancy Sherman
Nick Romeo
Omar Ponce
Paul Garcia
Pavan Kambhatla
PJ Allen
Ron Brundridge
Ronny Broyles
Sam Strickland
Sameer Naran
Sandy Miller
Scott Massie
Scott Mora
Sean Corry
Shannon Amaru
Sue Wesolowski
Supi Maan
Susan Frost
Tauheed Williams
Uday Are

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