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Tonight, join us at Mazzy’s Norcross for our regular Thursday game at 8pm, combo passcode SOUP!  Review yesterday’s email and put them together for even more chips!


Party Announcement!!

This Sunday, for week 12 action we will keep Posh Poker in Roswell and play our normal 7pm game over at Twisted Taco!  They are having a Luau/Beach theme and yours truly will perform with his Bob Marley Tribute band while you play poker!!  You will have possibility for huge chip-ups at this tourney for ordering certain island drinks, and your apparel too!  I hope with the following day off, you and yours will be able to come out to support this super event, play some poker, and jam with my reggae band!  Please spread the word for Sunday!!!


Final Tournament for all who qualify in top 30 at any location for Summer season 2012 will be played on Saturday, Sept. 15th at Twisted Taco Roswell, sign ups begin at 6pm, and cards fly at 7pm!! You will have opportunity for 2 chip-ups, by arriving before 6:45, and if you eat dinner or order a beverage on this night.  Top 5 will receive prizes to be announced.


All the best!


Jeff & Jesse

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