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18 Apr 2011 Update

This week’s tournament schedule – Week 1 Spring/Summer

  • Tuesday – Veranda Greek Taverna $100 Freeroll – 8PM
  • Wednesday – Doubletree Café – 8PM
  • Thursday – Mazzy’s Norcross – 8PM
  • Sunday – No Game (Easter Sunday)

The Posh season came to a close last night as Jacob Robinson was able to amass a huge chip count and take 1st place at the Tilted Kilt. Due to this outcome, we are still reviewing the cameras (ha ha).

Here is the complete list of qualifying players for the upcoming final tournament:

Name Stack
Alissa Hershey 12k
Anand Raj 21k
Anne Brundridge 37.5k
Armand Castro 15k
Ben Han 12k
Bob Evans 15k
Bob Frost 21k
Bob Richwine 27.5k
Bobby Willis 12k
Bret Levy 53.5k
Brian Cheatwood 21k
Bryan Reiss 32k
Carl Holzmann 33.5k
Carl Pickering 45k
Chad Schroeder 15k
Charlie Byrd 41k
Chris Merhoff 41k
Daryl Caldwell 18k
David Lemcoe 21k
David Noon 21k
Doug Johnson 12k
Dustin Davis 12k
Name Stack
Ed Crowder 22.5k
Emery Icard 43.5k
Fernando Landazabal 27.5k
Harry Saidi 26k
Heath Derrick 22.5k
Jack Friedman 42.5k
Jack Jackson 42.5k
Jeff Schuelke 43.5k
Jennifer Caron 22.5k
Jerry Krause 15k
Jerry McEntire 20k
Jerry Swensen 12k
Jesse Gearhart 60k
Jesse Littler 25k
Jill Arant 25k
Joe Swaggart 12k
Josiah Wandu 12k
Judy Richwine 25k
Keith Alston 18k
Kevin Baello 12k
Larry Reed 12k
Matt Preston 12k
Name Stack
Michael Wall 12k
Mike Azimi 18k
Mike Walters 25k
Monika Sachdeva 32.5k
Patrick Dye 21k
Pramod Alluri 21k
Robert Hopek 32.5k
Ron Brundridge 45k
Ronny Broyles 15k
Scott Phillips 27k
Scott Williams 20k
Sean Corry 52.5k
Shane Funk 20k
Shannon Amaru 12k
Sowmya Mummaneni 12k
Susan Frost 18k
Tauheed Williams 37.5k
Thomas Lucas 40k
Tito Garcia 41k
Vanesa Rodriguez 21k
Vishal Pasari 25k

Speaking of the final, it will take place on Saturday, April 30 at 4:00pm at the Doubletree, but this will be unlike any other final, as we will turn this night into a player appreciation for everyone! That means we will have separate poker and casino games, awards ceremony, prize raffle, music and more! We encourage all of our players to attend, and bring your family and friends (adults only after 6pm please). We hope you will clear your calendars for this event and stay tuned for further juicy details!

Jeff and Jesse

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