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Greetings future poker pros!

As it has been an interesting couple of months with Posh Poker, twice changing venues to keep the play alive during the Tony’s transition, we all made it through and I believe we came out better than ever in the end! I truly appreciate your support at both Tony’s and Coldbrew’s and hope to continue to provide fun, competitive arenas to play our favorite game!

Here is the list of players who have qualified for the final tournament on Sunday, December 6th at Tony’s American Grill. Sign in at 3:30pm, and cards will fly at 4pm sharp!!

Final Table Qualifiers:
Alex Sabia Anand Raj Anthony Phares Armand Castro Ashley Bush
Bob Frost Bob Richwine Brandon Pittman Bret Levy Carl Holzmann
Charla Rodney Charlene Goodwin Charley Byrd Claire Hatcher Clay Allen
Doug Beam Emery Icard Fritz Wagener Gail Carusone Gordon Snider
Grant Harrison Heath Derrick Jack Friedman Jack Jackson Jasu Patel
Jeff Dixon Jeff Schuelke Jeff Stockstill Jennifer Caron Jerry McEntire
Jesse Gearhart Jesse Littler Jim Easoz John Foy Judy Richwine
Kade Atkinson Keith Alston Lauren Ward Lissa Perry Matt Perry
Peter Giles Phil Pilon Rajalakshmi Ron Brundridge Ryan Bush
Scott Phillips Scott Williams Sean Corry Shane Hageman Susan Frost
Tiana Pan Tiffany Giles Vish Mapara Will Sowers

Though I would love to include every single person who plays week to week, I know everyone’s natural competitive spirit will work double-time to make sure you are included for the next big tournament in the Spring!

The tournament chip stacks sizes will be based on ranking positions, as well as frequency of qualifying on different nights, and will be posted on the website after this weekend and available in hard copy form when you arrive at the next Posh Poker game.

Last but not least, there will be over $650 in total prize value for 1st-6th place!! Congratulations to all who qualified, and good luck on the 6th!!

All the best!


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